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HANTEX Project is based on many years of experience, technical competence and potential of many small companies operating in the textile market.

Our goal is to provide our customers the highest quality products as well as long-lasting and optimistic business relations.

Because every client is important and unique - we respect every contact and every order, we look forward to finding new solutions along with our customers.

By the realization of orders we help each other, ensuring customer satisfaction and realizing our own dreams at the same time.

The HAN TEX Project is managed by the CONSULTING MS company.


We are professionally prepared for cooperation with local and foreign customers.

We are preparing the documentation related to foreign commerce; we conduct relevant documentation of the execution of orders, we supervise and report to our clients our stocks and methods of settlement. We translate technical descriptions and technical documentations; we take carry about present correspondence in order to clarify any problems or technical aspects.
In dealing with international clients we provide service in three foreign languages ​​- German, English, French.


We provide our customers with full service and support the whole process - from the model-design, cutting up the packing to the transportation of products.

Among the cooperating within the project HANTEX companies you will find smaller and larger companies, sewing light and heavy clothing for different segments, working in different systems - sewing single products, and in "tape".

HANTEX project opens the door to our customers with many specialist companies and small sewing firms, presenting high technical knowledge, experience and and rich machine park.


  For our customers we also provide technical support - we develop patterns according to samples or a project, we make the necessary changes and modifications to products, seeking new solutions related to the design and construction of clothing,

We can prepare technical documentation.

We also design our own models and patterns, which our customers can use for free.


Our present and new customers can also expect from us help in the logistics and the supply of components necessary for:

* production - such as threads, studs , buttons, woven and printed labels and other additives;

* packaging like: polybags, cartoons, stick-labels.

We are looking for the cheapest and most convenient transport solutions.



For customers interested in embroidery, applications, and similar finishing of garments - we offer preparation of embroidery-program and services of embroidery, applications, trimmings, and other services.


     We offer you high quality of Produktion, quick and Professional support, just try us!



What else Project HANTEX  can offer? It just depends on the needs of our customers!


Małgorzata Sauer



Madames et Monsieures qui parlent francais!

Notre www-info de la Project HANTEX en francais nous allons preparer bientot! 

Notre projet HANTEX basée sur des années d'expérience, les contacts et les connaissances de l'industrie textile.

Notre but est de fournir à nos clients des produits de haute qualité et des haute relationes des affaires  par  efficace et efficiente organisation.

Parce que chaque client est pour nous unique et important - nous respectons chaque contact et chaque commande, nous sommes très heureux quand nos clients sont veulent recherche de nouvelles solutions avec nous.



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