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Consulting MS
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To cooperate, you can contact in any way (for contacts see "Office") and determine the range of subjects, you are interested in. Our adviser certainly responds. If he cannot help, we'll try to look where to seek help.

Because each company is unique, it has individual circumstances and needs, so every service is the result of:

  • Personal needs and scope of work,
  • The time needed to right realization of the project and
  • The result of consensus between sides.

Therefore, there is no universal price list for different services.


Stable, regular economic advice

Requiring constant and the daily tasks of enterprises
  • Development of companies programs
  • Transforming the enterprise
  • Restructuring and turnaround
  • Marketing programs, financial and other
  • Gathering information, analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Managing contacts with foreign countries
  • Market research programs


Consulting documentation

Advisory and development necessary to solve a specific problem within a specified time:
  • The business plan
  • The marketing plan
  • Analysis: market, financial, investments
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Strategies for development
  • Research and analysis of market
  • Information packages about the possibility of financing activities



  • Correspondence commercial enterprises
  • Translations for the technical textile industry
  • Oral and written translation


Meetings, conferences, training

The organization and implementation of training Conducting training sessions for:

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Marketing and
  • Small businesses finances
  • Crises and restructuring, repair


Search and application for funds

  • The search for funding according to needs and business activities
  • Developing applications for programs
  • Translations applications
  • Assistance in the management of aid and grants


Trade with foreign countries

  • Providing of contacts with foreign partners
  • The search for potential cooperation
  • Database development
  • Development of information packages of foreign markets

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